Keynote Speaker: Mark Klett

Mark Klett (born 1952) is an American photographer.

Klett was born in Albany, New York. After graduating from St. Lawrence University with a B.S. in Geology in 1974, he worked as a photographer with the U.S. Geological Survey. In 1977, he completed an MFA from the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, New York studying with Nathan Lyons. Klett's photographic work focuses on explorations of man’s interaction with the American landscape, and more recently on issues of photography in time including rephotography. He is a Regents Professor and teaches photography at Arizona State University, and lives with his wife and two daughters in Tempe, Arizona.

Call for Papers: Identity, Self, and Photographic Self-Portrait

CONTEMPHOTO '15 / II. International Contemporary Photography Conference will be held in İstanbul on JUNE 9-10, 2015 and organized by DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center) and hosted by Nazım Hikmet Cultural Center as a part of the Istanbul Art Studies Days Spring 2015.

Istanbul Art Studies Days (IASD Spring '15) will also include CONTEMPART '15 / IV. International Contemporary Arts Conference (June 8-9) and CINE CRI '15 / II. International Film Studies and Cinematic Arts Conference (June 10-11). Several keynote lectures, artist's talks and additional events will be organized during Istanbul Art Studies Days and a registration ticket for only one of the conferences will offer free entry to all of the sessions of the three conferences. Each conference focusing on different topics, Identity issues has been decided as the common theme of the IASD Spring '15.

CONTEMPHOTO ’15 Conference aims at achieving a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective on identity, urban issues and photography. Multiple roles of photography are going to be explored in relation to human behaviour, culture, daily life and self expression of the individual as a document, survey, archive, journalism, advertisement, joy and hobby. 

The relationship between visual history and individual throughout the last two centuries will constitute a basis for the discussion during the event. Exploring the role of how photography shapes issues of identity, place and citizenship within the city; how it documents urban otherness (that of homelessness, or of tourism); how it archives urban memory; and how it documents the celebrated and tragic variety of daily life (such as Selfie) and how it contains historical facts are the main objectives of the interdisciplinary conference of CONTEMPHOTO '15.