Call for Papers

The International Conference on Contemporary Photography:
Visualisation and Urban History

CONTEMPHOTO ’15 Conference aims at achieving a comparative  and interdisciplinary perspective on urban issues, history and photography. Multiple roles of photography are going to be explored in relation to urban history as document, witness, survey, archive, advertisement and artifact. 

One of the main themes will be the relationship between visual history and urban (and rural) change throughout the last two centuries. Exploring the role of how photography shapes issues of identity, place and citizenship within the city; how it documents urban otherness (that of homelessness, or of tourism); how it archives urban memory; and how it documents the erotic or/and tragic variety of street life and how it contains historical facts are the main objectives of the interdisciplinary conference of CONTEMPHOTO '15.

CONTEMPHOTO '15 Conference will be held on April 16-18, 2015 along with CONTEMPART '15 (Contemporary Art Conference) and will be organized by DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Center).

Accepted Abstracts (until March 8) for CONTEMPHOTO '13

Mark Pilkington. Person place
Stephen Tapscott. Muybridge [poem]
Özge Denİz Özker and Denİz Hasirci. Aerial Abstractions: The Analysis of Aerial Photography as a Visual Art Form
Airton Cattani. Photography in the recording and documentation of place: the pavements of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Benjamin Nurgenc. Photographing (in) Space
Izabela Pluta. à la derive
Cesar Bastos de Mattos Vieira. Architectural photography: buildings or cities reconfigurated
Gary Bratchford. Politics of Visibility: Contemporary Landscape Photography in Israel and the Occupied Territories
Diane Charleson. Still framing history: an Australian suburban idyll
Ines Rae. Memories of the City
Sara Oscar. Trauma, masculinity and effect in Frank Hurley's An Episode After the Battle of Zonebeke (1917)
Afsaneh Kamran. The Semiotics of Civil Symbols in Memorial Photographs
Christiana Karayianni. Photographing the Breaking of a Myth: Photo reporting of the crossing points opening in Cyprus
Husaini YaacobMustaffa Halabi Azahari and Adzrool Idzwan Ismail. Social Commentary Photography: An Integration Medium
Meshank Lakhia and Kruti Dholakia. Contemporary Photography – A Fading Science
Gerlinde Miesenboeck. Photographing the tourist city: Iconising sights through conventions and restrictions.
Ronnie Close. Photography, Politics and Power of the Scavenged Image
Phoebe Lickwar. The Analytical Eye: Photographic Inquiry and Design
Alexandra Brown. Cut Architecture Out: The photomontage environments of 9999, 1968-72   
Ranu Roychoudhuri. Public Images: Photomechanical Reproduction and the Bengali Public Sphere 1900 – 1940
Berrİn Kalsin and MÜge Demİr. From the photo novel in printed journalism to the video journalism in digital age
Evi Papadopoulou. Photography and urban identity in post-war Greece: The construction of modern Athens
Laura Nissinen. Abstraction in Finnish Photography
Heather Diack. One of the Crowd: Conceptual Photography in Public
Shashi Bala. Role and challenges of the photography to develop a digital inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage: Case study of Yadav community of Haryana
Louise Mcwhinnie. The Voice of America and the American Way   
Andrea Del Bono. Urban Shadows: Italianness and Chineseness in Contemporary Sydney
Cherine Fahd. Private Disclosures, Public Space
Philip Courtenay. Authenticities
Gary Mcleod. In Challenger’s Wake: a participatory-rephotographic social network site approach to visualising local urban history
Michelle Catanzaro. Reading the Hidden city
Kit Wise. The IMAX-eye and the Image:  Lacan's theory of the image after Virilio's Big Optics
Peter Chen. Postcards from the Disposable City
Kit Wise. Rethinking the Derealised City
Lance Ward, Annette Seeman, John Teschendorff and Kirsten Hudson. Psychogeography as a foundation for urban image production.
Justin Waddell. The Accidental in Contemporary Photography
César Machado Moreira and Miguel Silva Graça. Photography, landscape and modern architecture:  Januário Godinho, Teófilo Rego and Álvaro Cardoso de Azevedo - the HICA connection
Sandrine Colard. An African City Palimpsest
Angela Kelly. Lament
Joana Mateus, Assunção Pestana and Inês Azevedo. Lacunas and reinterpretations: a contemporary sight on Teófilo Rego’s Photographic Estate
Erika Goyarrola. Resistance Architecture in Photography
Ruben Demasure. Contemporary Street Photography: a unique urban visual source?
Fernanda Albertoni. Suspension of the epiphany of order: the re-signification of Archive and Memory in the contemporary art practices of the Brazilian artists Rosângela Rennó and Jonathas de Andrade.
Jakub Morawski. Images behind the form
Gülbin Özdamar Akarçay. A Photographic Treasury Waiting To Be Discovered: (Photojournalist and documentarist) Ozan Sağdıç
Sally Gaule. Photography, history, memory.
Jason Griffiths. Normative Photography and a Crisis in Suburbia.

All Abstracts: